How to pack for a destination wedding

When you receive an invitation to a destination wedding there are certain things that must be considered. For example: – How long will I be staying? – What is the weather like? – What do most people wear there?

For those of you who would rather watch than read, please see below for a video guide by Style Me Pretty on how to pack for a destination wedding.

The most important thing is to go with whatever you are comfortable in, no matter how weird it may look. However, you should make sure not to wear white as it tends to show dirt more easily.

For those of you who would rather read than watch, please see below a longer breakdown of what is important to consider.

For those of you who would rather read than watch, please see below a longer breakdown of what is important to consider.

Undergarments: Okay. For this one it’s perfectly fine if you don’t wear any at all, but for those who are an underwear-fortified individual – bring them!

Not only will they be able to take the strain of your butt, but they will also offer you the comfort that you deserve.

Furthermore, if you are planning on wearing something extremely revealing or skimpy you should plan on bringing additional undergarments in case someone tries to tackle and ravage your body.

Extreme Weather Gear: This is a no brainer. Weather is everywhere and can turn all of a sudden with little to no warning, so make sure you pack the right gear.

If it’s hot outside, bring a few light shirts in case it gets cold at night. If it’s cold out make sure you have some warm sweaters or coats that can protect from snow or rain.

Shoes: You may want to bring more than one pair of shoes depending on how long you are staying. For example, if you’re visiting somewhere for vacation bring some sandals and some closed-toed ones.

If you’re going to a wedding in snow or mud then it’s best that you have boots available just in case, so you don’t have to waste time walking around in socks.

Accessories: Bring any accessories that you may think will help match your outfits better or any adornments that’ll complete the look of your clothing.

Besides just simply looking nice, most jewelry can also protect you from evil spirits and curses.

For those who are really into fashion, have a portable steamer available just in case you are required to wear one of your more expensive outfits.

This is especially important because weddings are all about the presentation and what better way to present yourself then looking your best?        Glasses: If you need glasses then don’t forget them! Keep them in your pocket at all times so they don’t get lost.

For those of you who prefer to look through other means, perhaps a compact mirror will do?        Medicine: Always pack your medicine no matter where you go! It could save your life or just improve your overall experience. Pack some band aids as well just in case you need to patch up anything.

Do keep in mind that warmer weather can breed bacteria so be careful!      Sunscreen: Make sure you always have sunscreen on hand, no matter where you go or what the weather is like. Sunburns are never fun and can ruin your day, so make sure you wear it at all times.

If you’re going to a place with extreme weather, make sure you have sunscreen for both warm and cold weather.

Swimming Gear: This one is completely dependent on where you are going. If it’s somewhere that requires full or partial immersion in water then bring your bathing suit.

If not, consider bringing a towel so you don’t have to ask someone else if you can borrow one.

Bring anything else that will make your experience better, like sunscreen or a blindfold.

Personal Hygiene: Even if you’re going somewhere tropical and it’s hot as hell don’t forget soap! It doesn’t matter how many times you shower, body sweat still breeds bacteria and it’s important to keep yourself clean.

Also if you are going somewhere with cold temperatures, make sure you have extra body heat otherwise you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable position.

Camera: If you bring your camera everywhere then leave it at home! Remember that the important thing here is not to document every waking second of your vacation, but to enjoy it as well.

If you really must bring one with you, try to hide it in your pocket or something so you don’t get caught. Remember that there are other things out there besides photography and taking pictures of everyone. It’s important to experience the environment around you!

Hand Sanitizer: Always keep one of these on hand, you never know when you’ll need it.

If you’re going to be meeting people that you already know then just bring water and soap if available. This way no one will get sick because bacteria never has a good time.        Alcohol: Alcohol is essential unless your destination can supply alcohol to anyone who asks.

Remember to drink responsibly and don’t overdo it! If you do, bring a designated driver so he can drive your drunk ass home when you pass out from drinking too much.        Toiletries: Bring anything that might be essential for your trip or destination wedding.

If you have long hair then consider bringing a hair brush and clips so you don’t have to rely on asking someone who might be in a rush.

Remember that some places may not have the same amenities as your own home. Do yourself a favor and pack all of your necessities!        Sunglasses: Bring sunglasses if you think you’ll need them, most people do.

If you are going to a place with beautiful scenery then don’t forget them. No one wants to stare at the sun all day long so keep your eyes shaded so you can enjoy yourself!        Flashlight: If it’s nighttime where you’re going then pack this for sure! It will come in extremely useful when you need to find something in the dark.

Get a portable one so you can take it anywhere with you, just remember to turn it off when not in use. If you have an old phone light that doesn’t work anymore then consider bringing that as well!        Pen and Paper: Pack this for any location or time of day. You never know when you’ll have a great idea or need to write something down.

If it’s nighttime then pack a flashlight and a pen! There are times where you can’t find a light switch so having both is essential to your success.             Camera: If you don’t pack your camera then consider borrowing one from someone. You never know when memories will be made and you’ll want to capture them!

If you’re going somewhere with a lot of people then it’s best not to bring your camera. You don’t want to get caught taking pictures of others without their consent!        Smart Phone: If you have one, consider bringing it! Most phones are capable of capturing memories and some can do it even better than expensive cameras.

If you forget to bring your phone then see if someone else has one that you can borrow or use! Remember that friends are there for each other, so lend them some support too!

Water Bottle: This is essential because everyone knows water=life. It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re on the move so consider bringing one.

If you don’t have a water bottle then just bring some water in cups! It might be sloppy but at least you’ll get to drink it all.             Money: Pack this for your destination wedding because who knows, you might want to buy something while you’re there!

If you forget to bring your money, then see if someone else has some you can borrow. Remember that asking for help is okay so don’t be afraid to reach out for money or help in general, it will only strengthen your relationships when people are there for each other!        Socks: Pack socks because sometimes your