Mistakes dog owners make all the time

1. Not Preparing for Your Dog’s Needs

You love your dog and you would like to keep him with you for as long as possible, but do you know the best way to care for his health? Just like humans, dogs need time to become healthy. They must be given some basic needs in order to live a long life. First, your dog needs [GOOD FOOD]. A healthy meal will give him the energy he needs and prevent diseases. Also, you can provide a supplement of healthy food to him so that he can stay strong and alert. Second, he must be given some good exercise. Take him out on walks or play with him in the yard using simple toys like balls. Third, make sure he is given enough water. Just like humans, dogs need to drink water every day. If your dog does not have enough water, he may acquire illnesses.

Don’t let your dog suffer from inadequate food, exercise or quality of life just because you didn’t plan before bringing him into your home.

2. Not Spreading the Word

Most people don’t like dogs. They think they are dirty, mean and aggressive. But do you know that most of these negative stereotypes haven’t been researched properly?   Dogs have a more positive side to them than what is told through myths and legends. Studies show that a dog’s love for his family is greater than we thought. Dogs also possess a great level of intelligence and commitment to their owners that you can’t get from any other pet. It’s sad that not many people know about the true nature of dogs.

That is why it is your responsibility to spread the word about this animal. If you have come across some ridiculous stories about dogs, tell other people about their good side. If you are the owner of a dog, take him out with you during your errands. Take him to places where there are many people around. It is important that your dog gets accustomed to being in public areas, because it may be needed in case of an emergency or disaster where rescuers may need to get him out.

3. Not Sparing Enough Time

It is true that having a dog in your life will require time and effort; however, it doesn’t mean you have to be extremely busy with your work or other responsibilities to keep him happy. Just spending an hour playing with your dog every day will give him the attention he needs, not to mention that he will love you for it. You can also give him a bath every week if you have the time. Don’t neglect your dog just because your other responsibilities are taking up all of your time, because he still needs to be cared for and loved.

4. Not Dealing with Aggression and Separation Anxiety

Dogs who exhibit aggressive behavior and those who experience anxiety when left alone can be a headache for their owners. You must be prepared with the proper knowledge and skills to deal with these problems if you want your dog to live a stable life.

If you notice signs of aggression in your pet, such as barking and growling whenever someone comes near him, make sure to bring him to a dog behavior therapist right away. Always be with your dog when he is in the presence of strangers or other pets, and teach him that it’s okay for them to come close.

If you are having trouble dealing with your pet’s anxiety, like howling whenever you leave him alone, take note that this might be a medical condition. Bring him to a veterinarian and make sure he is given a complete examination. Your dog may be suffering from a hormonal problem or a physical illness, so proper treatment should be sought immediately.

5. Not Providing Adequate Dog Collar

Aside from taking your dog for regular checkups and having all of his vaccinations up to date, the most important accessory you can give him is a collar. It can be any type of dog collar depending on your preference. This is necessary to keep your pet safe and it will also tell people that he belongs to someone else when visiting places with him outside the house.

Dog collars are available in different materials, designs, sizes, colors and styles. There are also collars that can be personalized with your pup’s name so people can clearly see who he belongs to.

You should never leave your dog unsupervised without a dog collar, because there are lots of dangers in the environment that might trigger aggressive or harmful behavior in animals. Collars help keep dogs safe because they can get medical help immediately when they are in accident or emergency situation. It is also easier for rescuers to find dogs who are lost if they have collars on them, so do not neglect this accessory when shopping for your pet.

6. Providing Inadequate Dog Food

We all want the best for our pets, so buying the most expensive brand of food for your dog is a common mistake among first-time pet owners. You should not choose pricier brands just because you think that they are better than others; instead, be wise when choosing the right food to give to your pooch.

The rule of thumb in buying food for your dog is that it should contain the right quality of ingredients, not its price. For example, ensure that he gets enough vitamins and minerals so his body can build stronger bones and internal organs.

Always choose dry food over wet when you are at the pet store because it contains less water than canned products, which means your dog will get all the nutrients without ingesting too much liquid. However, make sure that the food you are getting for your dog contains at least 18% protein.

7. Not Taking Your Dog for Regular Walks

If you want to prevent aggressive behavior in dogs, then it is best to take them outside regularly so they can socialize with other animals and people. If he has no choice but to stay inside the house all day, then it might trigger destructive behavior.

Let your dog explore his surroundings when you take him for a walk in the park or in your neighborhood. This will prevent him from being overly aggressive towards people and other pets when he is in your home. The more he gets to interact with them in a positive manner, the more likely he will behave calmly and obediently.

8. Not Spaying or Neutering Pets

If you have a female dog who is in heat, then expect other male dogs to be attracted to her. They might annoy your pet so spaying should be done as soon as possible. This will reduce the amount of hormones that are present in your pet’s body, which will make him calmer and less likely to be aggressive.

On the other hand, if you have a male dog who is not neutered yet, expect that he will mark around the house in order to attract female dogs in heat. This can be prevented by getting him neutered so there will be no reason for him to mark. Spaying and neutering will also reduce your pet’s desire for sexual activities, which can help you prevent unpleasant situations in the house.

9. Forcing Dogs into Little Spaces

If you want your dog to grow up well-behaved, then do not force it to stay inside small spaces like closets or cabinets. Make sure that your pet is in a spacious room where he can breathe fresh air and be comfortable after taking care of its needs. According to experts, forcing dogs into small spaces for extended periods of time can trigger anxiety or even lead to dangerous accidents like chewing soft parts of the closet or breaking doors.

10. Not Taking Dogs out Daily

If you want to ensure that your dog remains healthy, then it is important for him not to stay in his house for more than 12 hours. You should take him out at least three times a day so he can get the exercise he needs and relieve himself when needed.

You do not have to go with your pet for all walks, but having one member of the family to stay with him at home while the rest of the family is out may ensure that your pet remains in his house.